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Dark City Agent Fuses live instrumentation with electronic music production to create inspired dance music and rock-infused electronica. With an equal blend of rock & roll, hip-hop, disco and metal, the group provides a uniquely captivating sound, continually cementing themselves as a must see group.
Guitar / Synths

Robert DelPrete

Robert DelPrete hails from The Andromeda Galaxy where he spent most of his time writing music about the great wonders of our universe. He has come to the milky way to share the music of his people.
Bass / Synths

Tate Masimore

Tate Masimore considered a bronz god by his people and the indisputable heir to the disco throne, lays down sonic quasars holding down the low end.
Drums / Samples

Marc Mendez

Marc Mendez is the interstellar man of mystery - a man of many talents. You will just have to see for yourself.